Right diet for women

‘Woman’s big character is behind the success of a human being’, this jumla you must have heard many times in life. It is also important for these women to remain fit, leading men to the ladder of success. According to a report, vitamin D deficiency has been found in about 70 percent women in India and most of the women are also victims of anemia. To stay healthy, women must include some important things in their diet.

1. Calcium-
Women often complain of bone pain. As the age increases, these problems keep increasing. Calcium is very important for strong bones. Consumption of milk, cottage cheese, curd and buttermilk helps to reduce calcium deficiency.

2. Iron-
There is also a lot of iron deficiency in women, which can cause anemia. Iron provides oxygen to your cells and if it is not there, you feel tired. To increase the amount of iron in the body, women should consume chicken, spinach, beans and green vegetables.

3. Vitamin-D-
When there is deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, calcium content also starts decreasing. Its decrease has been seen in 70 percent women. For vitamin D, you should eat fishes like orange and tuna, salmon in your diet. Also, you should make a habit of walking in the sun every day.

4. Folic acid-
Folic acid is very much needed by pregnant women. Neural tube damage due to lack of folic acid. This affects the human mind. It can be balanced by eating the most green leafy vegetables, juices, beans and cashews.

5. Protein-
The body needs adequate amount of protein for good muscles. Protein is also effective in eliminating germs and improving metabolism. Chicken and red meat, fish, poultry, cashews and almonds have the most protein.


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