Determine diet according to blood group, know what to eat and what not

It is very important to have the right diet for good health. Along with being nutritious, it is also important to keep it balanced. Every year, World Food Day is celebrated to make people aware of the right information related to food. Do you know that you can be healthier by deciding on the food items based on the blood group.

Balance Diet

Each blood group has its own distinct nature and nature. Therefore our food and drink is associated with the blood group. There are four types of blood groups: A, B, AB and O. By the way, you can collect more information about this by meeting a doctor.

The protein for O blood group is best-
People of the O blood group should take a high protein diet. Include lentils, meat, fish, fruits etc. in your diet. Balance the quantity of grains and beans as well as beans in your food.

Best diet for those with ‘A’ blood group – Those with a blood group should also take special care of their diet. Those in this blood group should pay more attention to tofu, sea food and pulses, besides green vegetables. If you are thinking about weight loss diet then olive oil, dairy products, maize and sea food can prove to be the best option.

What not to eat
The immune system of people with A blood group is very sensitive, so they should pay more attention to their food and drink. People in this group should eat less meat because it takes time to digest. If you belong to a blood group then reduce the intake of chicken and mutton.

B blood groups are lucky –
If your blood type is B then this may be good news for you. Actually, people of this blood group do not have to be overbearing. You can eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, fish, mutton and chicken.


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