SiteGround vs Bluehost – What’s the Best Choice For 2020?

Today we are going to talk about two very popular web hosting companies. Whenever we open our new business and we need a website first. If we create a website. Then we need hosting. But all of us get confused in this. We do not know that which web hosting is best for our website. You will find many such bloggers on the internet who provide incorrect information for money. And they ask you to buy the most useless hosting. You trust them and buy hosting and later you realize that both the speed and service of this hosting company are bad. So I would like to say only one thing to you that if you are new in terms of hosting. So buy your hosting carefully.

So let’s talk about which hosting should be purchased in SiteGround and BlueHost

In the last few years, SiteGround has made a different identity.There is hardly any hosting company provided service like SiteGround. And who doesn’t know about Bluehost, The service of Blue Host is also better but in terms of service the SiteGround is a clear winner.

Plans And Pricing

SiteGround Price List

BlueHost Price List

Price List of SiteGround and BlueHost

So if you talk about the price, Bluehost is a bit expensive. But if Bluehost gives good service then it is not much price.

Storage – How much space you’ll need?

This is always an essential factor to take into account. You’ll need to choose a hosting plan with enough storage for your project(s), and a little bit extra

In terms of space, Bluehost outperformed, but will Blue host be able to give more speed just like space.

So here is the most important thing that you have been waiting for, which company should buy the server.

SiteGround Server speed

SiteGround Server speed

SiteGround obviously has its strengths in the US, although Europe services are also remarkably fast.

So by looking at it, you must have guessed how right the server speed of SiteGround is. So I think SiteGround will be a clear winner in this case. However, let’s see how much server speed Bluehost provides.

Bluehost Server speed

So you saw that Bluehost’s server speed is slightly better than SiteGround. But if seen, both provide very good services.

So Lets talk about Uptime

I am very happy to say that for both hosts, Uptime does not seem to be a major concern. Over a 60-day period, both have displayed 100 percent uptime which is very good. So I would say that both are better in terms of uptime.

SiteGround uptime

SiteGround uptime

Bluehost uptime

Bluehost uptime

Customer Support

Talking about customer support, both are very good. But if you talk about speed and uptime then Bluehost is a bit better. But this does not mean that SiteGround is not right, it is also a very good hosting company.

You can buy any of these two web hosting services but keep in mind just one thing of mine.


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