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TamilGun 2020: You may have heard about TamilGun Website before. There will be many of you who may not know that there are many such websites on Intenet, from where you can download Hollywood, Tamil or Hindi Movies free. But whatever website provides you in movies, all those websites are pirated websites. So let’s know which websites are there that give option to download movies for free.

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Another advantage of Tamilgun Website is, you do not need to download a movie here, if you want to watch the movie online then you can also watch online. This will also save your time and your internet data. You can watch movies free from 420p to 1080p quality here.

Top 5 free movies download websites

  1. Tamil Rockers:

Many of you may know about TamilRockers. This is a very popular website. Millions of people have downloaded movies from this website. But this is a pirated website only. They upload both new and old movies on their website through their sourses. And make our viewers download free movies. If you talk about Movie quality, then you can also download 300mb movies on this website. And if you do not have a shortage of Internet data, then you can also download 720p, 1080p and HD Movies.

I told you earlier that many domains of Tamilrockers have been closed due to Copy Right strike. So let’s see which are those domain names.

TamilRockers new link 2020: download Tamil, Hindi, Hollywood Movies



Other domains reportedly used by Tamilrockers site are:

Tamilrockers. vc
Tamilrockers. gs

Friends, let me tell you one thing that all these websites are pirated, please do not think about using them.

2. TamilGun:

Now let’s talk about the TamilGun website. What to say of the TamilGun website, nowadays it is named after the words of the survivors. Everyone knows that this is a pirated website but still they download movies from this website. So what is there in this TamilGun website which so many people like it. So I want to tell you one thing, that many people do not want to watch movies by paying money. It is also true that if someone is getting something for free and that too in good quality (1080p and HD), then why would anyone buy it by paying the same thing. But even if we see this is a pirated website, we should not promote piracy in the context of saving some money.

How to download movies from TamilGun

TamilGun has made its website very user friendy. So that no new user has any problem. Whenever you visit the website, you will see links to many movies on the home page of the website itself, you would not have thought that such films will be found here. So you can either search the movie and if your movie is on the home page then you can also download the movie by pressing the button of Direct Download.

What is Pirated website mean

Pirated websites are websites that steal someone’s original content or say movies (without asking anyone) and upload it on their website. This happens because many people watch New Released Movies at home. And do not go to watch movies in Cinema Halls. Which reduces the film’s income.

Below are all Tamilgun New link 2020;-

Tamilgun muTamilgun
Tamilgun.comTamilgun co
Tamilgun gyTamilgun hd
Tamilgun vcTamilgun cv
Tamilgun netTamilgun website
Tamilgun doTamilgun org
Tamilgun hnTamilgun .com
Tamilgun ytTamilgun tv
Tamilgun clTamilgun li
Tamilgun gyTamilgun ch
Tamilgun. ComTamilgun bz
Tamilgun coTamilgun gd
Tamilgun gsTamilgun lol
Tamilgun wsTamilgun ph

3. FileZilla

Our next website is Filmyzilla. This is also a pirated website. It is possible that many of you must have heard about this website. But before I start, let me tell you one thing that this website uploads pirated content, due to which copy Right strike has come on this website like Tamilrockers website many times. And this website has been closed at times like other pirated websites. But whenever their website is closed, they launch a new website on the internet. Here are some examples:

FilmyZilla Latest websites 2020 | New Linkjs

FilmyZilla muFilmyZilla
FilmyZilla.comFilmyZilla co
FilmyZilla gyFilmyZilla hd
FilmyZilla vcFilmyZilla cv
FilmyZilla netFilmyZilla website
FilmyZilla doFilmyZilla org
FilmyZilla hnFilmyZilla .com
FilmyZilla ytFilmyZilla tv
FilmyZilla clFilmyZilla li
FilmyZilla gyFilmyZilla ch
FilmyZilla. ComFilmyZilla bz
FilmyZilla coFilmyZilla gd
FilmyZilla gsFilmyZilla lol
FilmyZilla wsFilmyZilla ph

4. Bolly4u

The next website is Bolly4u. Like FileZilla and TamilRockers, it is also a pirated website. They also copy and upload content. But this is different from other websites, here you will not only get to download movies but you can also download TV Serial here. Moreover, here you will also find web series and that too in HD quality. And like websites, this website never gives up till date, more than 50 of its domains have been closed, but whenever a domain is closed, on the same day they transfer their website to the new domain name. And keep our business running. Here I want to share some links with you.

Bolly4u latest link 2020 | download or watch tamil movies


5. The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is a Swedish website. This website is famous not only in India but all over the world. And like other websites, it is also a Pirated website. And its name is Pirate. Seeing this, you must have understood how these websites will be. In this you will be able to download movies but there is something else which you can download here for free. Yes you can download some software’s here which are paid, but here they are absolutely free. And like websites, many of its websites have been closed, but this is such a popular website that they do not want to stop their business. Like other websites, they buy a new domain name and make their own website on it. And keep our services running.

List of some Pirate Bay links in 2020








So these were 5 such websites which provide their users the option to download movies for free. But the purpose of writing this article is to keep you away from pirated websites and not to attract you towards them. So if possible, stay away from these websites and ask to stay away from others. Watching Piared movies is also a crime. If we stop watching Pirated movies then these websites will cease to exist on their own. If no visitor comes to their website, then for whom will they upload movies. But to save some money and our time, we download movies from these websites and their business is constantly growing.


Piracy of any original content is a punishable offense under Indian law. Topbowling.net is completely opposed to this type of piracy. The information shown here is only to provide you with the necessary information about illegal activities. So please stay away from such website.

Its purpose is never at all and in any way to encourage piracy and immoral acts. Please stay away from such websites and choose the right path to download the movie.


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