4 natural ways to grow hair fast

Everyone wants his hair to be black, thick and shiny. Women are very sensitive in this matter. They desire dark, thick and shiny hair as well as long hair.

Therefore, they often try to grow hair. However, women make a number of mistakes in the pursuit of trying to grow their hair. For example, they frequently change their shampoo or use something that contains a chemical that harms hair.

In fact, due to lack of correct information, the adoption of some hair enhancement measures can result in hair loss rather than benefits. Therefore, today in this article we are going to tell about some home remedies for hair growth which are safe for hair as well as easy to try.

Before you know about the ways to grow hair, it is important for you to know the reasons for hair loss or weakening.

growing old
Incorrect eating or overeating
Nutritional deficiency in food
Hormonal balance disturbances
Change in weather or environment
Overdose of drugs
Using a variety of things on hair or grooming hair all the time
Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome – PCOS (disease caused by hormonal balance worsening)

Home remedy for hair growth

Now we know in detail about some home remedies for hair growth:

  1. Onion Juice

Finely chop the onion and extract its juice. Apply this juice to the hair with the help of a piece of cotton. Leave the juice in the hair for fifteen minutes and then wash the hair with shampoo.

Onion juice is rich in sulfur, which promotes the production of collagen in tissue. This helps the hair to grow again. (1) Try this recipe once or twice a week.

Before applying the onion juice to the entire hair, try applying it on a small part of your head. If you feel itching or burning in that part of the head, then do not use this recipe.

2. Castor oil or castor oil

Castor oil
Soak the towels with lukewarm water
Lemon juice
Method of use
After massaging the hair with lukewarm castor oil, wrap the towel over the head for twenty minutes. If you wish, add one to two drops of lemon juice to remove the viscosity of the oil.

How does help
Castor oil is considered one of the most beneficial oils for natural hair treatment. Applying castor oil makes hair grow thicker and softer as well as faster. This oil gives moisture to the hair and reduces the two mouth hairs. (2) To get good results, apply castor oil to the hair twice a week.

Do not use this prescription if you are allergic to castor oil or if it causes itching or burning sensation.

3. Biotin
Two or three biotin pills
Olive oil or coconut oil
Method of use
Chop the biotin tablets into the oil. Apply this mixture on the hair and leave it for overnight. The next morning wash the hair.

How does help
Vitamin-B is found in abundant amounts in biotin. In such a situation, this mixture can overcome the problem of hair loss by removing vitamin-B deficiency. (3) This recipe can be tried twice a week.

Use biotin tablets according to your age. If possible, consult a doctor about this as well.

4. Egg
An egg
Method of use
Flatten the raw egg into the hair and then wash it with shampoo after a while.

How does help
Eggs contain nutrients such as protein, sulfur, zinc, iron, iodine, and phosphorus. The protein given by this is very beneficial for hair. In addition, the vitamins A, E and D present in the eggs increase the shine of the hair and reduce their fall. You can use this recipe once or twice a week.


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